Slidas izm. 36 SPOKEY Vogue 890242237

Slidas izm. 36 SPOKEY Vogue 890242237 Spokey

  • Tiesības 14 dienu laikā atteikties no pirkuma Tiesības 14 dienu laikā atteikties no pirkuma
  • Pērc tagad, maksā pie saņemšanas Pērc tagad, maksā pie saņemšanas
39,95 €

  • Tiesības 14 dienu laikā atteikties no pirkuma Tiesības 14 dienu laikā atteikties no pirkuma
  • Pretenziju iesniegšanas laiks ir 2 gadi Pretenziju iesniegšanas laiks ir 2 gadi

Preces apraksts

Figure skates
For beginners, ice skating may seem difficult, but it is only appearance. Anyone can learn skating on a good level in a relatively short period of time in order to benefit from this not only health benefits and physical fitness, but also a lot of fun. Check out the following tips, but remember that ultimately practice makes perfect!

  1. . The most important is equipment, i.e. the skateizm. Choose the right skates for you. Make sure that they are well fitted and laced ā€“ otherwise, you may get injured or skating will be just uncomfortable. Comfort is the essence. Pay attention to the skid ā€“ it melnas be well sharpened.

  2. Aura is usually winter, so be sure to warm up well before entering the ice. Body without the warm up is more susceptible to injury and muscle soreizm. .

  3. Dress up properly, neither too lightly not too warm. Your sport dress melnas be comfortable, so that you can move freely and comfortably.

  4. Be careful, move your body and practice.

The first skating will not be the easiest one, but it is important to break the ice. Every next practice will be more successful until you reach perfection.
Ice skating effects

When ice skating, your whole body works ā€“ in order to maintain the balance, you melnas use both your legs and hands ā€“ so you strengthen shoulders, arms and handizm. Moreover, you will strengthen and shape your belly, legs and buttockizm. Ice skating will not only improve your physical conditions, but it will also benefit your coordination of movements, your well-being and immunity.

Ā Contraindications for ice skating are diseases of knees and spine.

You will get the best results when you will practice ice skating 2-3 times a week for the whole season. During an hour of ice skating you can burn from 300 to 800 kcal .-Ā depending on the intensity of your workout.

Hockey skates
Shoes of this model go slightly above the ankle, and they have a higher and reinforced fragment on the heel in order to protect the Achilles tendon. Contrary to the figure skates, they have standard eyelets for laceizm. Therefore, they do not provide such reinforcement for your leg like figure skates, but they do not serve for jumping or acrobatics, so such a strong support is not needed. The skid is riveted to the shoe, it is thinner than figure skates, profiled and adapted for sharper turnizm. They enable to achieve higher speeds, they are maneuverable and enable quick braking.
Figure skates
They are characterized by a high shoe, which is supposed to protect your ankle. The shoe goes far beyond your ankle. The skid of figure skates is the widest and the largest, so it is also quite heavy. The upper part of the shoe has hooks for laces that make it easy to put on the shoe and also better stabilize your leg. The skid in the front side has teeth that enable a greater control when performing acrobatics on ice. Figure skates give you the most opportunities when it comes to the skating technique.

Typical for ice figure skating, reaching far over the ankle stiffens the ankle. Equipped with hooks for laces, it is easy to put on and provides better stability. Reinforced front ensures comfort and safety while skating. An additional advantage of the shoe is its stylish graphics enriched with golden elements that add elegance.
Pre-sharpened, made of stainless steel of increased hardness which extends its service life. Figure skate blade with German TUV quality approval. It allows to control skating and to precisely perform ice evolutionizm.
Recreational skating

Inset (cm) (cm)24,324,625,426,126,827,4

Reinforced tip offering stability and control
pre-scharpened stainless steel blade with German TUV certyficate
soft upper made of fabric with a print
sizes: 37-42


1.92 kg

36.0 cm

39.0 cm

10.5 cm



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    Preci var atgriezt, izmantojot atteikuma tiesības, 14 kalendāro dienu laikā no brīža kad esi ieguvis preces valdījumā, neminot atgriešanas iemeslu.

    Pretenzijas pieteikšanas laiks – 24 mēneši no preces pirkuma brīža.

    Ar pilniem noteikumiem lūdzam iepazīties sadaļā “Garantija un atteikuma tiesības”, kas pieejama lapas apakšā.

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